Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The start of kaylakoupons!

Hey fellow couponers!
My name is Kayla Olson and I am a couponer and have created a blog and YouTube to help my other couponers and those who are not couponers yet to try it!
I have gotten many people on YouTube to try couponing and also many of my friends.
I think that once you really try it and then see how fun it is that is the only way that you will continue lifelong since even I thought badly of couponing before I tried.
It is definetly not for everyone but those who try and enjoy it tend to stick with it.
I have been couponing for the past year know and hopefully will continue.
If you are embarrased, but are interested you should know that others don't have to know about it and also that sometimes you need to only think of what you are interested in yourself and not what others think.
If you have any questions them email me at kaylakoupons@hotmail.com
I know that on my profile it says kaylakoupons@gmail.com but I don't use that one so if you have questions and want them answered sooner than later then email me at hotmail.
Thanks and I hope you can get to love couponing!

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