Monday, September 19, 2011

My New Book!

Guys this is extremely exciting! I am publishing a book! It will be fully published and ready to purchase around the holidays! The most exciting part? You get to be in it!

That's right! You have a chance to be published in my book! All you have to do is to email me at or go to and fill out the contact me form there. Now for what you will be sending me.

For my book I am asking you to give me your greatest and your most useful tip that you believe would help new couponers. My example is: You don't need to have double coupons to save.

So all you do is send me that and you first name. If you do not want your first name in the book write anonymous. Thanks so much! I cannot guarantee that you will FOR SURE be in the book if you enter in case you send me something that doesn't sound professional or is a message I don't want in my book. Also you need to know that I have the right to edit anything you send me.

Anyways it's a really cool oppertunity for you to take a place in my book and really how cool the finished product will look.

Thanks guys!
kaylakoupons - couponer and now AUTHOR:)

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